These days ask for jokes!

A 75 minute walking tour with fun & facts.

ROTTERDAM Friday/Saturday/Sunday 1pm
MEET at Central Station, outside under the clock
DEN HAAG Friday/Saturday/Sunday 4pm
MEET at Buitenhof at the kiosk

Or a moment/place of your choice!

Min. 3, max 8 participants. € 14 pp
In UK/NL/DE depending on the group.

Red Light & Coffeeshop District Tour
On request (90 min. – 3 pers. min. & 4 pers. max. – € 16 pp)

Daily COMEDY BLOG (app. 1 in 3 in English)

Michel van der Sanden

Tour guide/stand-up comedian, with a city as a backdrop
Michel performs all over the Netherlands & stood on stages in Belgium and Germany. He plays for companies, at private parties and does ‘roasts’, all with made to measure material.
He’s a comedy writer (sketches, sets, scenarios and jokes) & a stand-up coach as well (see below). Michel published the first book with stand-up comedy jokes in Dutch.
“The happy faces on the photos are my credentials!”
Mail of call 06-209 75221

Want to be in

Improve your humor
in delivery & writing?

Get 1-on-1 guidance: set review, how to write A-type jokes, develop your persona, improv, crowd work, how to market yourself
Look at me here: 8 jokes in 90sec… 8 good laughs. (It’s just my style. We’ll find yours!)
Mail of call 06-209 75221

Need comedy writing, sketches of jokes?

Dutch or English, fast & effective

Any topic, any audience. We’re quick and affordable.
We analyse your style and make sure it sounds like you came up with it.
Mail of call 06-209 75221

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